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Dreams vs Goals

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2022

Jordan Romero was nine years old when he set his sights on accomplishing what many thought a child’s fantasy. Jordan not only made it his goal to be the youngest person ever to climb Mount Everest, he made it his goal to climb each of the Seven Summits of the tallest mountains on all seven continents, all before the age of twenty! 

 What “Big Dreams” do you have for 2022?  

 We’ve all read about or heard of “motivation tips” to help us move closer to our health and fitness dreams and goals. This week we wanted to share with you the difference between a “Dream and a Goal”. Our hope is one of these statements may be just what you are looking for to help you reach your desired destination in 2022!

Deciphering Dreams vs Goals: 

Our first step is to understand that “dreams” are different from “goals”. 

 For many of us we were taught, if we wish or hope for something long...

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Burn More Calories than Running on a Treadmill!

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2021

The key to making 2022 a stronger and healthier year is going to be learning how to RISE Together! When it comes to your fitness, here are some tips and ideas we hope will help you get on the move.

Did you know?

Dr. James Levine, an expert in the field of inactivity and health from the Mayo Clinic, has determined how individuals spend their day can have a dramatic impact upon their waist-line, metabolism, calorie-burning, health and longevity.

According to Dr. Levine, the average American employee spends the majority of their time seated. Estimates range from 7-8 hours per day at their desk or at lunch as well as an additional 5-6 hours seated while commuting, watching TV or on their computer seated at home. Dr. Levine states from his research, "Excessive sitting is a lethal activity.” For most of us, 2021 we found ourselves sitting more than ever! But there is hope.

According to Levine, small movements performed throughout one’s day can significantly thwart the decline...

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Healthy Relationships-RISE

I like the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, “All great speakers were bad speakers first,” which means there is still hope. Many of you in our Coaching group is connected with a training buddy or attend the Monday Coaching Call small group session and have really listened well, encouraged, held each other accountable and your efforts are helping!

How are you? How was your week? We hope you are well! 

This week, we wanted to share with you a very simple, but incredibly important skill to bring greater joy, hope, happiness, and purpose to your day and life. 

According to researchers, what is the source that generates the most power and energy to live well and be happy? If you guessed “healthy relationships” you’d be correct! 

In fact, according to medical scientists, the three relational sources which influence your physical health more than anything else are; Love, intimacy, and friendship. You mean it’s not our diet?...

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15 Ideas to Survive the Holidays While Feeling and Looking Great!

Ah, ’tis the day after the feast of the roast beast at our house, and all are still glowing with the warmth of family, friends, and fellowship that is so plentiful during the season.

It’s holiday time! This is when we are all tempted (even me) to indulge and eat too many things that taste good but make us feel bad. Then, of course, we promise ourselves to go into food rehab right after the holidays. But what if you could enjoy the holidays, have amazing food, and not be smothered in mounds of sweets and cakes and heavy foods that give you that momentary pleasure that you immediately regret. Remember that commercial for antacids, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”? Holidays are a festive, joyful time to celebrate with family and friends. And you can avoid turning those social functions into sugary, processed food orgies that do nothing good for your health or waistline and ultimately, can contribute to diabesity.

Especially during the holidays,...

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How to Balance Blood Sugar Over the Holidays

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing! Have you ever found yourself being offered a piece of pie at a holiday party or family gathering and asking for a sliver only to end up with an oversized slice? Oftentimes especially during the holiday season, we can go astray creating a plethora of unmindful mishaps with overdoing on those sugary seasonal treats and delights.

The good news is that breaking the cycle and maintaining balanced blood sugar levels are possible. It may not be easy if the support is not in place, but with a little bit of grit and determination, one can learn to maintain healthy blood sugar levels with a few simple lifestyle tips by RISE Next Health Summit Expert Dr. Will Cole.

Whether you have a diagnosed blood sugar problem or just want to avoid the ups and downs many of us experience over the holiday season, here are a few tips to incorporate into your end-of-year routine:

  1. Try intermittent fasting

Studies have shown that intermittent fasting can help...

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3 Steps to Deal with Stress

The topic “Nature vs. Nurture'' has been long debated. Historically the question, which is more important, inherited traits or managed behaviors that can be learned? Research has proven there are certain factors we can control and others we cannot. Excited to present this week’s Monday’s Motivation article by RISE Next Health Summit Expert, Parneet Pal, MBBS, MS a Harvard and Columbia trained physician dives deeper into strategic ways to optimize chronic disease prevention brought on by stressful adverse situations making health the default.

Gradually, through epigenetics, making lifestyle changes can be simple and doable in becoming stronger with more resilience by embracing and engaging in change to be empowered in new and fresh ways of connecting, redefining what matters most optimal wellness.

“Over time, the effects of chronic stress are insidious, reflected in our lifestyle choices: we toss and turn each night struggling to sleep; use caffeine to jolt us...

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The 5 Most Overlooked Foods for Improved Gut Health

gut health healing health Nov 15, 2021

"You are what you eat.” This common phrase couldn’t be more true, but not in the way you might think. More accurately, the phrase should be “You are what your microbiome eats.” The trillions of bacteria and yeast in your gastrointestinal tract are fueled by the food you eat on a daily basis and it can dramatically affect aspects of your health beyond digestion including your immune system, brain, and hormones.

In today's Motivation Monday, leading functional-medicine expert Dr. Will Cole walks us through some key insights on improving our gut health, focusing on 5 amazing foods that significantly impact healing.

“In my telehealth functional medicine clinic, I have worked with thousands of patients on their gut health journey. And the interesting thing is, many people who come to me are actually doing all the “right” things but still struggle with gut problems. But the deeper I dive into their case, I see the problem.

Since every...

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5 Traits of Resilient People

Are you an overcomer? Resiliency is a critical part of emotional wellness for us all. No matter what your age people can overcome obstacles, imagine new possibilities all while enjoying life regardless of what they have to face from day to day. Humans are resilient! Everyday there are powerful human interest stories being told about how people have overturned all the odds against them. 

Resilience is so important when trying to navigate and succeed in our complicated world. Research shows stress is growing across the lifespan, through social media, faster moving information with often quickly intensifying news media, and a myriad of life’s pressures. Knowing how to cope with life and become resilient is critical to one’s ability to overcome stress and become more resilient in our lives.


If you ask just about anyone how they’re feeling right now, you’ll probably end up with some version of the word “tired.”

But it’s more than just...

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How to Reduce Stress: 4 Things You Can Do Right Now

Most of us have been stressed out more than a time or several throughout our lives.  We either try to remove ourselves from whatever is causing the stress (flee) or engage the cause (fight). Stuff happens when we least expect it, and the stuff can actually cause damage if we cannot find a healthy way to deal with it. 

Handy coping techniques are important to have in place ready to go. This is where the founder of Food Matters James Colquhoun takes us on a journey unveiling four skillful proven ways in managing stress.

“If you're anything like me you've likely experienced stress at different times in your life. It may be an instinctive reaction to a situation that has felt threatening, or it may be prolonged and chronic from lifestyle habits that are well within our control but we let our daily stress reduction rituals slip.

Whatever the reason, this kind of prolonged stress can bring about a whole host of illnesses and imbalances within the body. When...

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A Revolutionary Act: Go Easy On The Sugar and Flour!

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2021

Remember hearing those words of what little girls are made of, ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’? Well it’s estimated that Americans consume 22 teaspoons of sugar daily, which is more than 3-4 times the amount that’s acceptable. We as a human race are hooked on sugar, and it’s wreaking havoc with our health and overall wellbeing. 

We thought we’d take a closer look this week from RISE Expert, Pilar Gerasimo as she takes a deeper dive on the revolutionary act of ditching the sugar and flour, along with some practical takeaways of how to satiate your taste buds and reduce the sweet cravings.

“Many people make the big, important decision to eat healthier only to find themselves confronted with another big, important decision:  “Where on earth should I start?” Overwhelmed by complex and contradictory nutritional counsel, they are looking for some streamlined way to upgrade their eating without descending into...

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