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5 Traits of Resilient People

Are you an overcomer? Resiliency is a critical part of emotional wellness for us all. No matter what your age people can overcome obstacles, imagine new possibilities all while enjoying life regardless of what they have to face from day to day. Humans are resilient! Everyday there are powerful human interest stories being told about how people have overturned all the odds against them. 

Resilience is so important when trying to navigate and succeed in our complicated world. Research shows stress is growing across the lifespan, through social media, faster moving information with often quickly intensifying news media, and a myriad of life’s pressures. Knowing how to cope with life and become resilient is critical to one’s ability to overcome stress and become more resilient in our lives.


If you ask just about anyone how they’re feeling right now, you’ll probably end up with some version of the word “tired.”

But it’s more than just...

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