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Hi my name is Sean….
and I am a recovering Health & Wellness Professional!

Let me explain.

For years I have been teaching individuals how to improve their personal fitness, health and wellbeing and all the while I was suffering from a sickness I really didn’t know I had.

Exhausted, on my knees….I was done.
Have you ever been there?

You see, over the last 30 years as a health & fitness author and coach I’ve spent the majority of my professional career training others to strengthen and improve their physical fitness, health and lives.

It was on this day it hit me, I saw aspects of my own life, beginning to unravel.

I was suffering from a condition I really didn’t know I had.

I had been reading a book titled “Margin”-Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives written by Richard Swenson MD. As I was perusing the pages I kept finding nuggets of information I thought would be helpful for many of my...

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