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3 Steps to Deal with Stress

The topic “Nature vs. Nurture'' has been long debated. Historically the question, which is more important, inherited traits or managed behaviors that can be learned? Research has proven there are certain factors we can control and others we cannot. Excited to present this week’s Monday’s Motivation article by RISE Next Health Summit Expert, Parneet Pal, MBBS, MS a Harvard and Columbia trained physician dives deeper into strategic ways to optimize chronic disease prevention brought on by stressful adverse situations making health the default.

Gradually, through epigenetics, making lifestyle changes can be simple and doable in becoming stronger with more resilience by embracing and engaging in change to be empowered in new and fresh ways of connecting, redefining what matters most optimal wellness.

“Over time, the effects of chronic stress are insidious, reflected in our lifestyle choices: we toss and turn each night struggling to sleep; use caffeine to jolt us...

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Savoring the Good

gratitude joy positive stress Nov 17, 2020

How are you? We hope all is well in your neck of the woods! We thought with all that has been transpiring in 2020 we’d take a pause and remember all the good that is around us. This week, we want to remind ourselves and encourage you to “Savor the Good” all around us. 

Did you know, according to Harvard University and other research organizations, being more grateful for our surroundings has some amazing benefits such as:

  1. Lowering stress levels 
  2. Experiencing less depression 
  3. Being more optimistic 
  4. Feeling happier, experiencing higher levels of positive emotions and 
  5. Having greater resilience in difficult situations  

 Gratitude scientists have determined our happiness can increase exponentially by performing simple acts of “savoring”-paying attention to sights, smells and sounds when walking, hiking, golfing or even when commuting.  

Performing daily activities, like walking, in conjunction with being...

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