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Essential Steps to Lasting Weight Loss with Dr Sears

Recently, we had the great joy of meeting with our dear friend, world renowned health expert and best selling author, Dr. Wiliam Sears as he shared some of his timely “Weight Loss  wisdom” from his incredible book, “The Dr. Sears T-5 Wellness Plan: Transform Your Mind and Body” for a New You in 2022!  We hope you enjoy Dr. Bill’s common sense approach as much as we did! Take it away Dr. Bill!   

“I owe the past 20 years as a cancer survivor mostly to learning that sugar is a growth food for cancer cells. The standard American diet, high in added sugars, is basically chemical fertilizers for tumor growth. This one simple change—eliminating added sugars from my diet—not only helped me survive and heal from cancer, but it helps every other system in my body thrive.

The good news is, we’ll soon know exactly how much added sugar is in most of our foods, as you'll see a new line for added sugar on food labels...

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