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Our Favorite Stress Buster

We wanted to share some thoughts on our favorite stress buster and one simple way to create more joy in your life!

It’s been said, “A well lived life is like driving a car. Every time you get in the car you have a destination, but instead of putting it on “auto-pilot”, you get to decide to make turns, go faster or slower, and you have to make minor adjustments along the way.” 
Professionally, the most successful and experienced race car drivers have learned to slow their body and mind down and drive in the moment. The great one’s have learned to focus on the present…
…they are in tune with their body, their car, every turn along the road and they “feel every groove” off the road. 

Similarly, we can learn to be focused, present and mindful as we live with better balance so we can determine how much we enjoy the ride. 
So, this week, let’s focus on going out onto...

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The Fastest Way to Boost Your Mood


In our month of learning how to RISE with Kindness we thought you’d enjoy a unique exercise that will help you boost your mood immediately. Take a moment to watch the short video we filmed for you...

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