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How to Develop Emotional Self-Regulation

All of us have probably at some point thought that if we could take back what we said or did, things would be different. Or perhaps we acted impulsively because we were carried by our emotions and we reacted without thinking. Being emotionally dysregulated might look like having abrupt changes in mood, binge eating, crying spells, emotional outbursts, persistent interpersonal conflict, aggression or violent outbursts, self-harm, substance use disorder, or poor tolerance for frustration.

Emotional self-regulation is something that we need to practice regularly so we don’t get to the point of blowing up or falling apart. Here’s an article from Healthline that talks about emotional self-regulation and includes tips and techniques we can apply. 

What is emotional self-regulation?
Emotional self-regulation is the ability to modify or control your thoughts, emotions, actions, and words, explains a 2022 research review. Self-regulating your emotional state can stop...

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Emotional Health Starts With Understanding Yourself

Emotional wellness is knowing, understanding, and accepting the gamut of feelings we have and managing them effectively. One way of improving our emotional health is by understanding ourselves better. According to Psychology Today, we need to discover how and why our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors work. “Relationships either sustain us or destroy us, wreaking distress or creating joy as we move through our lives. Our first task is to figure out how our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors work within us. Then we can apply the same task to understanding how we relate or don’t relate with others in beneficial ways.” Psychology Today recommends asking the following questions:

Here are some examples of behavior scenarios that we can work on understanding:

  • Why do you pout, go into your room, and slam the door when someone disagrees with you?
  • Why do you behave rudely knowing it upsets people?
  • Why do you try and do what others want when it may harm you?
  • Why are...
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