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Better Balance

You probably have never heard of him before, but chances are, you’ve seen an example of what he did for a living. His name was Eric Brenn and in the 1950’s and 60’s he was the best in the business. He was so good at what he did, he made it on national television and inspired a generation of performers. It was February, 1969 when Brenn made his national debut on the famous Ed Sullivan Show. He appeared on stage in a snazzy black suit and bow tie with a stack of dinner plates in his arms along with a number of long sticks.

Then with a coy smile and a wave of his hand, loud circus music began to play as he carefully set one plate on top of a wooden stick and spun it with the flick of his finger.  He repeated this with two, three, four and five plates, all now, mounted on top of sticks on a dinner table, all spinning in rhythmic unison. The audience was thrilled! Brenn, the consummate showman, smiled from ear to ear, bowed to the camera and studio audience taking...

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