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One Tiny Thing to RISE in a Season of Uncertainty

If we were to answer the same question, 2020 has been a doozy! For sure one of the most challenging years of our lives....Yes, we are right there with you…so many things seem out of our control and we feel like our challenges are so much BIGGER than us individually, as a community, nation and world.   

We got too wondering with all the BIG things surrounding us..,what One Tiny Thing can we do to help each of us RISE above our difficulty, question, fear, struggle or pain?

This week we wanted to share together as a community how to shrink the BIG things down into “tiny” doable steps as we face our current challenges and seek to overcome them. 

In other words, “What is One Tiny Thing I can do today to RISE above the BIGGER challenges in my life today?” 

And the best part about leaning into the One Tiny Thing... it doesn’t require willpower or motivation to make it happen! It is within our reach to do now. 

So in this season of uncertainty, let’s begin to shift our focus to the small steps we can take that will ultimately change everything.



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