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Healthy Relationships-RISE

I like the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, “All great speakers were bad speakers first,” which means there is still hope. Many of you in our Coaching group is connected with a training buddy or attend the Monday Coaching Call small group session and have really listened well, encouraged, held each other accountable and your efforts are helping!

How are you? How was your week? We hope you are well! 

This week, we wanted to share with you a very simple, but incredibly important skill to bring greater joy, hope, happiness, and purpose to your day and life. 

According to researchers, what is the source that generates the most power and energy to live well and be happy? If you guessed “healthy relationships” you’d be correct! 

In fact, according to medical scientists, the three relational sources which influence your physical health more than anything else are; Love, intimacy, and friendship. You mean it’s not our diet? It’s not our exercise? It’s not how we handle stress? But rather, it’s how connected we are that has been demonstrated to have the greatest impact on our emotional, spiritual, and yes, even our physical health. The latest scientific research has uncovered when we are isolated or disconnected from important life-giving sources, such as close and intimate friendships, our health and fitness suffer. 

So what’s a simple step we can take this week to strengthen our relationships? 

This week, let’s challenge one another to practice the “skill” to Listen Well”.

When is the last time you really “listened”? Before you answer this question, consider the difference between the definitions for “hearing” and “listening”. 

“Hearing” is the natural physical act of perceiving sound and “listening” is the intentional act of concentrating so that the brain processes words and sentences.”

If you'd like to strengthen your “connection muscles” and dramatically improve your relationships this week, “listening well” is the one skill that can significantly improve your relationships and ability to connect. 

Developing good listening skills in your relationships is vital to enhancing your connections as well as your happiness and the happiness of others. This week when meeting with someone, or going for a walk, practice your listening skills by:  

  1. Asking others how they are feeling
  2. Reflect and repeat back your understanding of what is said
  3. Avoid giving advice (unless asked)  
  4. Ask them to expand on what they are feeling
  5. Keep the conversation on the one you are speaking with (be careful not to turn it back to yourself)   

This week, let’s encourage one another to “listen well” and be present for those closest to us. We’d love to hear from you this week on how this simple step impacts your relationships! 

In truth, most people want to improve their situation in life. When they find someone who can communicate something of value to them, they will become great listeners. It is difficult to find common ground with others when the only person you are focused on is yourself. The good news is that communicating is more skill than natural talent. So even if communication is lacking at this point, it can get better.

Wishing you a very blessed week as we all RISE Together! 



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