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Does Your Life Feel Balanced?


It seems like forever ago when life seemed more manageable, less stressful, more balanced. It feels like only yesterday when we could leave work at work and not bring it to our couch at 9:00 PM!  Now our work or obligations or stress seem to follow us wherever we go…. 

 We know for many in our RISE Community, you are balancing a lot! All of  the demands of work and home-much as you did before-but the difference is, now many are managing multiple responsibilities all at the same time-with no boundaries or clear separation-leaving little time to recover and feel restored.  

 So we thought this week would be a great time to begin strengthening our balance-creating more space to better take care of You!  We wanted to share with you a quick self-survey you can use to identify your current Work--Relationship-Life Balance. We’d encourage you to take this self-survey and a month from now, after using some of the RISE tools and techniques and encouraging one another, take it again and watch what happens! 

Self Survey

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