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Burn More Calories than Running on a Treadmill!

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2021

The key to making 2022 a stronger and healthier year is going to be learning how to RISE Together! When it comes to your fitness, here are some tips and ideas we hope will help you get on the move.

Did you know?

Dr. James Levine, an expert in the field of inactivity and health from the Mayo Clinic, has determined how individuals spend their day can have a dramatic impact upon their waist-line, metabolism, calorie-burning, health and longevity.

According to Dr. Levine, the average American employee spends the majority of their time seated. Estimates range from 7-8 hours per day at their desk or at lunch as well as an additional 5-6 hours seated while commuting, watching TV or on their computer seated at home. Dr. Levine states from his research, "Excessive sitting is a lethal activity.” For most of us, 2021 we found ourselves sitting more than ever! But there is hope.

According to Levine, small movements performed throughout one’s day can significantly thwart the decline to one’s health and creeping weight gains. What Dr. Levine refers to as NEAT-Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, or non-sweat activities, performed throughout your day, expend much more energy and have an even greater impact on your health than visiting the gym after work! 

The best part is these simple movements, spread out throughout your day, only require subtle changes to your daily work routine and have been found to:  

  • Burn more calories than 30 minutes running on a treadmill.
  • Reduce fatigue by 65%
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Enhance creativity
  • Lower body weight
  • Improve muscle memory, tone and metabolism
  • Decrease stress 
  • Increase productivity and much, much more!

Performing “Simple Moves” or what we like to call like to call, “Burst Breaks” can  be the perfect solution to “fit fitness in” for the busiest time of the year-the holidays and a new 2022!  

Take “Burst Breaks” for the New Year.  Recent research has demonstrated moving, even for just one minute, can have a profound impact upon your fitness and health.  I realized when I started writing about sitting disease, I was doing the very thing that the latest research said not to do…I was sitting on my butt all day long! So I thought to myself, “If I were to take the latest studies and experiment, by performing a few “Burst Breaks”, which are short “micro moves”, lasting 1 to 3 minutes, at or near my home office desk, scattered throughout my day, what impact could this have on my health, fitness, performance and productivity? 

I began to test this approach, with myself and my clients and I was amazed at the impact just a few moves throughout your day can have. For example, if you were to perform just 10 body weight squats at your desk, simply standing up and sitting down, stand up and sit down, repeat this motion just 10 times and perform this motion every hour of your work day….at the end of an 8 hour workday you would have completed 80 squats! 

Now that’s fitness that works from 9-5! Following this approach you can improve your health and fitness, without even breaking a sweat or stepping away from your desk! So this New Year, set an alarm on your Smart Phone to remind yourself every hour to perform a “A Burst Break” such as: body weight squats at your desk,  wall chair push-ups and office chair side leg raises  for a minute or more and watch what happens! 

If you are interested in learning how to Move to a New You in 2022, using Burst Moves, we’ve got just the thing…..Our 21 Day Stronger Leaner You Program provides you with a new daily video training of your Burst  Workout of the Week and Move of the day.  

Each and every week you’ll receive a new 10 Minute Burst Workout and training along with simple Burst moves you can do anytime, along with a full weekly meal plan, delicious recipes, a daily journal, mindset hacks and a live weekly coaching call to inspire you to reach your goals.

We’d love to have you join us! 

The impact of small daily movements can be profound as you sit less and move more during work and/or leisure time, adding more exercise with a balanced diet to your day helps to reduce many health risks associated with sitting.  Also, physical activity helps maintain muscle tone, along with a mind body connection especially as you age.

Wishing you a very blessed 2022!



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