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A Deeper Look at Joy

This has been quite a unique season, with more difficult twists and turns than any of us expected. So, we thought it would be encouraging to start the week by taking a deeper look at joy from the wisdom of Kay Warren

“Happiness is completely connected to what’s happening to us on the external circumstances of our lives. But when joy is turned around with a new definition of joy, it makes all the difference as it has nothing to do with the circumstances that are happening in our lives…

This type of joy has everything to do with what I believe about God, what I believe He can do on the inside of me, and my choice then in response to what’s happening to me is to give praise back to Him.

That becomes something that’s within my control. I can’t always control what’s happening to me on the outside, but I can most definitely control my response, what I do with it, what I believe about God, what I believe he’s going to do about it. So then joy actually becomes something I can attain.”

We’re thankful for Kay’s deeper insights on joy – one that provides a clear path to experience it regardless of our circumstances.  If you’d like a full read on this topic check out her classic book, Choose Joy- Because Happiness Isn’t Enough. 

We hope that as you continue to navigate this season, that you find moments of God’s peace, presence, and joy that only He can provide.


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