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Ditching yo-yo dieting for good

Having a metabolism that works for you-instead of against you

Overcoming stress and boosting your mood

Finally, making weight loss and wellness simple


If you’re ready to supercharge your weight loss and revitalize your health, then this personal and interactive program is for YOU!

The Stronger Leaner You creates a proven path to…

✔ Lose unwanted weight     ✔ Curb your cravings

✔ Reduce inflammation     ✔ Strengthen your body

✔ Increase your energy     ✔ Improve your mood

✔ Create new routines to recharge you

With our live coaching, daily inspirations and support you will receive a clear roadmap to reach your goals.

Why are we so confident about that?

Dee and Sean met while developing a global initiative, The Daniel Plan - a health and wellness lifestyle program led by an expert faculty of world-renowned physicians Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Memhet Oz. In its first year alone, The Daniel Plan reached over 15,000 people on their wellness journey who lost over 260,000 lbs. and ultimately went on to impact more than 1 million lives in over 190 countries over the last 8 years. The best news is Dee & Sean have incorporated their key insights and learnings from a decade of leading the Daniel Plan into the 21 Day Stronger Leaner You Program.

It is their goal to create a proven path where anyone can have access to a better version of themselves inside and out. They understand what it takes to help people get unstuck and take simple steps towards lasting change and transformation. Dee and Sean have created a virtual live coaching program that significantly impacted over a thousand participants – with weight loss being only the beginning. Using the latest behavioral research and simple, practical steps, people reported seeing changes in their energy level, focus, mood, decreased need for medication, and so much more!


This program is designed to help you RISE above any challenges or feelings of discouragement with a clear daily path to reach your goals. 

On this 21-Day Stronger Leaner YOU program, you’ll recharge your body, mind, and spirit. You can develop healthy eating, exercise, and sleep patterns. You can become stronger and leaner. 

You can learn how to make small daily choices that yield big and long-lasting results. 


Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, increase your energy, lower your stress, be more focused mentally, sleep better, feel stronger, boost your metabolism, or all of the above, these 21 days can help you reach those goals.

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The 21 Day Stronger Leaner You Program includes ALL of this:

Getting Started Guide

Over the next 21 days, you’ll learn about the RISE Mindset, Fitness, and Food philosophies as well as gain access to the first 10 pages of our Recipe Guide!

You'll have the opportunity to receive Nutrition tips and insights every step of the way with your RISE Expert Chef & Nutritionist, Jenny Ross! Jenny will show you how to integrate new delicious, healthy meal choices and an array of options to take out all the guesswork of meal planning—making Nutrition Simple. 

The 21-Day Recipe Guide

You’ll learn strategies to help you create a sustainable and satisfying food style to help you become leaner and stronger and that you can stick with for life. You’ll also enjoy mouth-watering recipes from our signature Chefs and Health Experts. You’ll find dozens of amazingly delicious dishes that will keep you satisfied, happy, and healthy.

Together, we’ll be doing a 21-day reset designed to help you lose weight while improving your energy and overall health.

21-Day RISE Inspirational Journal

To create a daily wellness experience to improve your overall well-being, we’ve built our program on a proven 7-Minute RISE Method

   R - Renew your spirit

   I - Ignite Your Mind

   S - Share Your Heart and 

   E - Energize Your body

You’ll receive a downloadable 21-Day RISE Journal featuring our daily 7-minute method designed to recharge your body, mind and spirit. We’ve gleaned wisdom from timeless faith practices and positive psychology research to create a daily practice to supercharge your health and well-being.

10-Minute Burst Fitness Workouts

You’ll get a new 10-Minute Total-Body Fitness Workout using simple techniques to maximize your metabolism, tone and strengthen your body, boost your mood, and accelerate your fitness.

21 Daily Tips & Strategies

Each day you’ll receive an "Inspiration of The Day” providing you with a simple step you can take each day either related to your food, fitness, and/or focus from Dee Eastman, Sean Foy, and Jenny Ross, as they guide you through every step of the way.

Live Weekly Coaching Calls

You’ll receive an abundance of encouragement, inspiration, and skill-building from your RISE Expert Coaches each week to help you chart your course. 

Access to a Private Facebook Group

Each day you’ll receive an "Inspiration of The Day” providing you with a simple step you can take each day either related to your food, fitness, and/or focus from Dee Eastman, Sean Foy, and Jenny Ross, as they guide you through every step of the way.

It’s time to stop dieting and start thriving!

Each week is designed with a unique theme to maximize your results.

Week 1:

Making Change Simple -
The Power of Habit

Week 2:

Making it Satisfying -
The Power of Celebration

Week 3: 

Making it Stick -
The Power of Ritual


Over 21 Days you will detoxify, reset, and create new daily habits to support total wellness for your body, mind and spirit. And we will support you every step of the way.

Make this year your time to RISE!

Sign up for the 21-Day Challenge and watch what happens as you begin to experience life in a healthier, more intentional way!

21-Days To A Stronger Leaner YOU
One-time payment


  • Getting Started Guide
  • The 21-Day Recipe Guide
  • 21-Day RISE 7-Minute Method
  • 10-Minute Burst Fitness Workouts
  • 21-Daily Tips & Strategies videos in your personal library 
  • Live Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Access to a Private & Fun Facebook Group
Take the 21 Days to a Stronger Leaner YOU!

21-Days To Stronger YOU + RISE Coaching Bundle
One-time payment


  • 12-Weeks of Rise Coaching program giving you access to live coaching, personal trainers, nutritionist and more. 
  • Access to the 21-Days to a Stronger Leaner YOU!
  • Weekly Mindset Focus

  • Daily RISE Community

  • Weekly Coaching Call

  • Weekly RISE Meal Plan

  • Weekly Workout Plan

  • Weekly RISE Journal

Take the Bundle to a Stronger Leaner YOU!

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The RISE jumpstart gave me the motivation to know that I can take small steps and create new habits in my eating, fitness and mindset to become more healthy. Most importantly I don't have to feel alone.

It gave me the support of a group I needed to really commit to the program. A diet or eating program alone isn’t enough for me. Having experts in each area- fitness, food and inspiration made it helpful. Sound reliable information I could trust. The jumpstart guide had everything I needed to get motivated and inspired.

For a one-time payment of $199, you’ll have access to weekly recipes and fitness routines, daily videos to keep you inspired, and mindset shifts to ensure your lasting success.

Our participants have successfully lost weight, increased energy, improved sleep, pushed through limiting beliefs and reached their goals.

We invite you to take a powerful step for your best health and join us on this proven 21 Day Transformation Program. 


Start my 21-Day journey!

This program was just what I needed to become more mindful of what I was eating. It has given me hope that even if I do a small amount, I can still be successful. I feel so much better. Thank you.

As a person who has struggled for decades with depression, obesity, and addiction to foods that do not nourish, the RISE Transformation Program has given me hope. Hope for freedom from behaviors and thoughts that harm, hope for a future where I have the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to serve Christ with joy, energy, and abandon. Anticipation and expectation that the love of Christ will be able to shine through me, no longer being dimmed by the effects of poor health habits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The spiritual, mental, nutritional, physical, and relational discussions and materials that have been provided in this program are fabulous! Dee, Sean, and Jenny provide tremendous support in answering all my questions and guiding me along the right path for me. We all are different, and they have helped me navigate what is right for me. I've lost a good amount of weight since joining the program (35 lbs since my first Jump Start earlier this year) but more importantly, they have helped me feel so much better.

I am somewhat reclusive & tend to do things on my own, but this group experience was so powerful. Having the daily video conferencing & FB support group, and daily tasks on the RISE page kept me accountable and I found it so much easier to stick to the plan. I’d prayed to get stronger and within a few days, I realized God had answered in a way I didn’t intend. My strength is still building through working out, but I was miraculously stronger mentally & spiritually and I think that will go a long way!

Let us coach you every step of the way!

Dee Eastman whose passion and joy come from bringing out the best in others and creating clear pathways to transform wellness, build resilience, and optimize well-being in body, mind, and soul.

With 30 years of experience in wellness and behavior change, she’s had the honor to work alongside world-renowned experts in her field. And with all that under her belt, it’s no surprise that she went on to lead The Daniel Plan as Founding Director.

 Sean Foy, MA, is an internationally renowned authority on fitness, weight management, and healthy living. Foy is the author and creator of the proven metabolic makeover book, “The Burst Workout”, and co-author of the New York Times #1 bestseller, “The Daniel Plan”.

As an award winning author, exercise physiologist, behavioral coach and speaker, Sean has earned the reputation as “America’s Fast Fitness Expert.” Sean employs an upbeat, positive and sensible approach to making fitness for body, mind and spirit happen! 

Weightloss & Wellness
doesn’t have to be

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