Kick Off the New Year Right!

90 Day Journal Includes:

3 Months of Inspirational Themes: Gratitude, Love & Joy

*Charting Your Course Vision and Goal Setting Planner

*12 weeks of Proven Mindset, Nutrition and Fitness Tracking Tools

*90 Days of Daily Reflections

*Plus Weekly Roadmap, Mindset Focus Tools, Weekly of Guided Planning

A Stronger YOU is Just 7 Minutes A Day Away!

We’ve built our RISE Journal on a proven 7-Minute Method,  a daily wellness experience to improve your overall well-being.

PROVEN & SCIENTIFIC: Your journal is built on a scientific method to renew and recharge your body, mind and spirit, one simple step at a time. Whether you’re on a path to reach your optimal weight, revitalize your energy, overcome limiting beliefs or get clarity on your strengths and purpose - we’ve taken the guesswork out of closing the gap between where you are and where you desire to be.

TIMELESS ANCIENT WISDOM: With over 40+ years of research and development in the wellness and wellbeing world we’ve gleaned wisdom from timeless faith practices, the best positive psychology research, strength based coaching methods, goal setting techniques, and mindfulness strategies available today. 

SMALL STEPS = BIG CHANGES: Research shows that tracking your daily habits is the best way to build momentum and set yourself up for success. We promise, these small daily steps will provide the foundation to create big wins in your life! We’ll show you how to daily...

Renew your spirit
Ignite Your Mind
Share Your Heart and
Energize Your body

GOAL SETTING & TRACKING SYSTEM: When planning any journey or quest, it’s essential to begin with the end in mind to ensure you reach your ultimate peak. We will do just that. Our first step together will help you look at your life and “chart your course” as you...

Dream Big and cast your vision
Identify your long term and mid-range goals
Realize your main motivation to accomplish your goals and
Define who you’d ultimately like to become along the way

Our proven planning process will empower you to RISE above potential obstacles to optimize your physical, emotional, relational and spiritual health and reach your very best.

TRANSFORMATION IS 7 MINUTES AWAY: We’ve seen the power of The 7 Minute Method transform the lives of countless people from all over the world. We have also had a profound experience with this daily system in our own lives. 

MUCH MORE THAN A METHOD & JOURNAL: You’ll receive much more than a proven process in a printed journal-you’ll hold in your possession a “detailed map” to empower you to reach your desired destination-complete with a detailed coaching process we’ve used to help individuals all over the world reach their desired wellness and wellbeing dreams!

LIMITED TIME BONUS-When you purchase your RISE 7 Minute method you’ll also have access to a Free Virtual Coaching experience with Coaches Dee Eastman and Sean Foy...walking you through every step of the way.

Collect all the RISE themed journals! Our tranquil beach cover is filled with daily inspirations on hope, courage and peace. Each of our journals contain a treasure chest of riches to renew your spirit, ignite your mind, share your heart and energize your body.

And the best part is it happens in a 7 minute daily experience that provides a proven path to create the life you desire. 

All of our 90 Day Journals Include:

*“Charting Your Course” Vision and Goal Setting Planner

*12 weeks of Proven Mindset, Nutrition and Fitness Tracking Tools

*90 Days of Daily Reflections

*12 Weekly Roadmap

*12 Weeks of Mindset Focus Tools

*12 Weeks of Guided Planning

*12 Weeks of Reflection Exercises

Praise for the 7 Minute Method & RISE Journals:

"The RISE 7 Minute Method has transformed my mindset and overall approach to my days. I think this change has allowed for growth I would not have experience without it! Thank you RISE!" - Jenny

"I think daily journaling is the winner for me - it helps with being mindful in all aspects, whether it’s foods I’m eating, why I’m eating them, my inner thoughts that I can’t speak aloud, everything! It gives me a different mindset, & relationship with food, & where I’d like to see my life go. Thank you to RISE! – Trish