Weight Loss Made Simple©.

Supercharge Your Weight Loss & Total Wellness in 10-Days!


Join your hosts experts Dee Eastman & Sean Foy as they take you on an online guided experience that promises to set the stage to transform your health.
This jumpstart is for you if you’re looking to…
✓ Lose weight
✓ Curb your cravings
✓ Increase your energy
✓ Boost your mood

Fall Program 2021 Dates Coming Soon

Together we’ll completely rejuvenate your body with a 10-day detox based on the nutritional expertise of Dr. Mark Hyman. The program is designed to activate your bodies natural ability to lose weight, reduce inflammation, reboot your energy and supercharge your health.

Our Jumpstart is all about Weight Loss Made Simple

We will be supporting you daily with every step…

The RISE 7-Minute Method

You’ll receive our RISE Journal featuring our daily 7-minute method designed to recharge your body, mind and spirit. We’ve gleaned wisdom from timeless faith practices and positive psychology research to create a daily practice to supercharge your health and well-being.

Nutrition Guide

You’ll learn simple steps to help you thrive for good! Instead of focusing on dieting and counting calories, we focus on proven strategies designed to help you lose weight & curb your cravings.  Over the next 10-Days you will have tangible recipes for clean eating, a guide for using them & practical daily meal plans to follow for real results!

Recipe Collection

Enjoy mouth-watering recipes from our favorite Chefs and Health Experts. You’ll find dozens of amazingly delicious dishes that will keep you satisfied, happy and healthy. Our RISE Chef & Nutritionist will help you optimize the program by using the recipes that work for your specific goals and needs.

10-Minute Burst Workouts

You’ll receive proven 10-minute total body fitness routines with videos and how-to guides to use daily. These workouts are focused on simple techniques to maximize your metabolism and fitness in the least amount of time. They can be accomplished anywhere and adjusted for any fitness level.

Daily Coaching Calls

Each day you’ll receive Weight Loss Made Simple instructions in our live interactive coaching call. Uplevel your nutrition, exercise and mindset with new habit hacks as we guide you through every day, every step of the way. 

Private Online Group

You’ll have exclusive access to daily support and encouragement as you post your progress, ask questions, and join a community of like-minded people. The RISE online program community has been a positive catalyst for change for our participants,

Who is the RISE Team?

We’ve spent over four decades combined in the wellness industry working with the best and brightest experts to bring you the latest scientifically proven steps to change your life – weight loss is only the
beginning of the story.

In our surveys, participants consistently say they experience:

✓ Greater energy
✓ Increased focus
✓ Improved mood
✓ Better sleep
✓ Balanced blood sugar
✓ Less stress
✓ Decreased need for medication
✓ And so much more..


We provide simple daily instruction, proven tools and step-by-step support to help you reach your goals and empower you to change your life for good!

Sign up and watch what happens as you begin
to experience life in a healthier, more intentional way!

The entire 10-Day Jumpstart is a one-time payment of $149.00.


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